In a marketplace saturated with brands competing head-to-head for customer attention, you need to stand out as a brand with a message. It’s a bit annoying—we get it. Why can’t we just sell our products without creating some big story with a “deep message?”


You might not like the answer, but here’s a little tough love from our marketing experts: your product is a dime a dozen.

Sorry if that ruffles some feathers, but hear us out. We’re not saying your product isn’t special; we are saying that any company that makes its product ALL about itself will quickly lose customers.

You must cast your customer as the hero and your brand as the guide.

For example, let’s say you sell scented candles. Do you know what makes your scented candles stand out from other companies similar ones? Why should candle lovers choose yours instead of any old candle on the shelf?

Your answer should not be “Because our candles are amazing!”

This is where brand storytelling swoops in to save your business.

From the dawn of time, humans have connected through stories. Storytelling has a powerful ability to capture, engage, and build lasting relationships with customers. Not only that, but when it’s done well, it creates an emotional bond that transforms a casual shopper into a loyal brand advocate.


One of the most compelling storytelling frameworks is the HeroGuide. This narrative structure positions the customer as the protagonist who, facing a problem or having a certain desire, embarks on an adventure and transforms into a hero with the help of your product or service.

In other words, the HeroGuide Brand Story Method is about offering a solution to your customer’s problem. Doesn’t everyone want the hero to have a happy ending?

Here is the Eight-Step HeroGuide Brand Story Method.

What is the HeroGuide Method?

The core goal of the HeroGuide Brand Story Method is to help you clarify your message by understanding your customer’s problem, then inviting them on a “hero’s journey,” in which they are the main character and your business is their guide to achieving victory.


The HeroGuide Brand Story Method emphasizes not just the problem-solution dynamic, but also the transformative experience of the customer. By casting the customer as a hero, brands can foster deeper connections, inspire loyalty, and ultimately become vital to the customer’s daily narrative.

It sounds like we’re exaggerating, but we’re not.

Going back to our scented candle example, a customer is more likely to buy a product if they can personally see how that product offers a solution to their needs.

How do you demonstrate that?

You place them and their needs at the center of the narrative.

The more you know who your customers are, understand the deepest problems they encounter, and position your brand as the magic tool to fix those problems, the more successful your business will become.

Here is the HeroGuide narrative:
A beloved PROTAGONIST (your potential customer) faces a DRAGON (a difficult challenge). A WISE WIZARD/GUIDE (your brand) steps in, gives them a MAGIC TOOL (your product or service) and CALLS THEM TO ACTION. That action helps them avoid DEFEAT and ends in VICTORY. Finally, the hero (your customer—the post-victory protagonist) SPREADS THE MAGIC among others.


Your branding needs to guide the hero through all the hurdles they will encounter on their way to victory.

We have broken down the HeroGuide narrative and the questions you and your team should be asking. We’ve made it as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Do a quick brainstorm about your business.

2. Write a clear and concise description of your business.

3. Sit back and relax as the generator writes your HeroGuide BrandScript.


What Do They Want?

What do your customers want in terms of your product or service?


The Dragon

Is there a root cause of your customer’s problem(s)? Can you personify this root cause as a dragon? What is the dragon in your customer’s story?


What dragon does your customer face that relates to your product or service?


How is the dragon making your customer feel?




What brief statement can you make that expresses empathy and understanding?


How can you demonstrate competency in solving your customer’s problem (slaying the dragon)?




Are there three or four steps your customer can take that would lead them to a purchase? Explain how they would use your product after the sale.


List the agreements you can make with your customer to alleviate their fears of “taking the journey” with you.

magical wand



What is your direct call to action?


What transitional calls to action will you use to on-ramp customers?



List the positive changes your customer will experience if they use your product or service.


List the negative consequences your customer will experience if they don’t use your product or service.


From . . . 

How did your customer feel about themselves before using your product or service?

To . . .

Who will your customer become after using your product or service? What is their aspirational identity?

The Eight-Step HeroGuide Brand Story Method image


How will your satisfied customer become a brand advocate and share their satisfaction with others? How will your customer help attract new ones?

The HeroGuide Method

Meet your personal hero: HeroGuide.

We created HeroGuide to aid you in discovering your brand and learning to speak the language most engaging to your target audience.

For the most effective results, we recommend having a sit-down brainstorming session with your marketing-and-branding team and going through the HeroGuide Method together. With more minds around the table, defining yourself and your target audience will be easier.

Start by visiting HeroGuide. There, you will be asked to write a clear and concise description of your business. Feed it with as much information about your brand and company as possible; that way, the generator will really home in on the essence of your business.

After you hit “Generate your Brand Story,” HeroGuide will generate answers based on your descriptions. 

Your Brand, Your Story

Now you are well on your way to discovering who you are as a brand. Thankfully, the Eight-Step HeroGuide Method makes this process super simple and easy. And if you get stumped on a particular question, don’t worry.

You might be thinking, “I’m no good at storytelling, and it seems too complicated.” Fear not—we’ve got your back. We’ve created a free, simple, and practical AI-powered tool to help you tweak your brand’s vision until it sounds right and is truly unique.

Remember to keep the customer’s well-being and benefit in mind. After all, they are the hero of this story, so make them feel seen and celebrated. Shine a spotlight on them, center stage! If you have a service-oriented mindset, they will stick around for more.


No story worth telling is without adventure, and the greatest one of all is discovering who you are meant to be and what you have to offer, so enjoy the process.

Try out our framework in your next team meeting, or visit HeroGuide and start the process today: HeroGuide.

If you need more marketing guidance and help to discover how the HeroGuide Method can benefit you and your brand, contact us for a free consultation with our marketing experts.